Corporate entertainment is vital to the success of any corporate event.

Over the years we have seen events become massive successes and massive failures down to the entertainment booked for the day. Some event organisers felt it wasn’t necessary and left it as an after thought keeping the budget for other areas, table centre-pieces was one favourite. Afterwards the conversations were very different. It is only over time you learn and see how corporate entertainment, small or large, can change your event from being just another corporate event or work-do to a huge success for the entire office or company. We have spent our time learning this through hundreds of events of all sizes.

Through partners such as Dubai Party Bands, we work with all entertainers across Dubai and UAE. We have built a database of the best entertainers in the business. We keep the booking process as simple as possible yet everything is documented and extremely efficient. You receive confirmation documents with schedules for your events and clarification on every detail.

We work with many artists, acts and entertainers from smaller local entertainers to the biggest names in the business, celebrities that stand on stage and perform to thousands of people every day. Where possible we make photos, videos, demos etc available to our clients so you can view the potential entertainers in the comfort of your home or office chair. Dubai Party Bands actually has some great video footage of the artists we work with regularly.

Our selection of musicians and acts for corporate entertainment crosses many genres. Jazz Bands, Swing Bands, Party Bands, Orchestras, Professional DJs, MCs, guest appearances by celebrities plus a variety of unique acts like magicians, mind readers, fire eaters, jugglers, caricaturists, tattoo artists, singing waiters, escapologists, mime artists and many more.

The artists we work with come from far and wide. We work with most entertainers from Dubai and the UAE however much of our corporate entertainment is international. They travel the globe perfoming for some of the biggest events in the world and this is why we work with them.

Our goal is to always work with a wide variety of artists and acts. Keep the corporate entertainment fresh with new and innovative ideas. Keep the process of booking as simple as possible and customise each event for our clients to ensure you get exactly what you want and no two events are ever the same.

Talk to us today to book your corporate entertainment. Our consultation services are free of charge.