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Party DJs Dubai

Dubai Party DJs have been providing number 1 party DJs for a diverse range of events, parties and clients for a many years. We have had our party DJs work on some of the biggest and best corporate events, private parties, special occasions, product launches, birthday parties, beach parties and pool parties. Basically, if there is an event that needs a party then we will deliver parry DJs to suits your requirements.

For over 20 years we have been enhancing our expertise and delivering for a diverse range of events. We work closely with our party DJs and have developed relationships with personalities, musicians, producers and pretty much anybody involved in the music and party industry. Through these successful alliances we can assist with any element of your party or event.

We have been in this business a long time. It takes this time to mature your skills and expand your services to really know any business. Over this time, through working with so many clients and events, we have built a database of music consisting of over 150,000 songs. Thtrough these events and parties we also developed knowledge of what people like, what they want, what works and of course what doesn’t work in a variety of party styles. We have never had a client request a song that we didn’t have access to and we have never had an event where we didn’t try every possible party trick to ensure our clients had a great party.

This experience has also helped us to sharpen our events and our party DJs mechanism. Our booking process is simple, we discuss all aspects of the event with our clients and enure no stone is left untured therefore there are no surprises on the occasion.

We work with or without playlists. Our party DJs will meet you in advance, discuss your requirements, decide on the ideal play list and ensure it happens on the evening of the event. We are comfortable working on our own initiative after so many years of playing music for the public. We know our audiences and know the music that works for every occasion.

Our party DJs are renowned for reading the crowd, knowing what to play and when to play it, yet working with our clients requirements in mind at all times. We provide a full party DJ service that includes playlists, sound equipment, lighting equipment, event decor and dressing. Our clients include large companies, private individuals, fashion designers, big brands and other agencies.

Dubai Party DJs also work closely with a variety of other entertainers that can assist on your event should you require a musician, band, dancer, juggler, fire breather, trapeze artist or other unique entertainer.

Theme Night DJs

Dubai Party DJs have, over the years, worked on a wide variety of events catering for a huge number of people, tastes, styles and theme nights. Our theme night DJs love to get involved, interact and bring the theme of the party to life, as it should be.

Some of the themes and parties we like are, 70s disco parties, 80s colourful theme nights, 007 Bond theme nights, award celebrations, Christmas winter wonderland occasions, Halloween theme nights, Hawaiian or Caribbean parties, wild west theme nights, Arabian theme events, Venetian masquerade theme balls, Oscars evenings, games nights and many more. If you need some ideas we are more than happy to assist and help you decide which party will work best for your guests.

There are so many themes and so many costumes available that it is always a tough decision. Be assured whichever theme you decide on that Dubai Party DJs have you covered. With our huge database of music, with over 150,000 songs, our theme night DJs will create a music soundtrack to enhance your theme and bring your guests back to the era or occasion that you are celebrating.

Through years in this industry, entertaining  lot of people and working with our suppliers we have developed relationships that will ensure your evening is a success. We can provide you with theme night DJs, but not only that, we will provide a theme band or musicians, unique entertainers or characters to enhance the theme and mood. We also provide sound equipment, lighting to improve the ambiance and setting of your venue. We can provide you with special effects, backdrops, drapes, furniture, games, and props on any scale to really bring your event and venue to life.

This is what makes your theme night stand out from the rest. These extras add a touch of class and bring your theme to the next level, transporting your guests back to the 70s, maybe bring them to Harry Potters castle, or to the era of Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge or Grease. Your only limitation is your imagination!

Team Building DJs

Team building DJs can be a real asset to your team building event. As everyone knows a united team will deliver much more success than any other team or individual. It has been proven, we all work better together and our team building DJs create an evening of fun and games to ensure each individual and member of the audience participates. They may even mix with people from other departments.

Dubai Party DJs regularly work on events with several departments, sales, marketing, HR, IT and accounts. In most situations many of them don’t know each other and never communicate. It is our belief that a team that are connected and can communicate will deliver stronger results and therefore more success. Conclusion for the boss, a better bottom line.

Our team building DJs will ensure involvement for everyone. Our evenings are created with that in mind and the games are to help strengthen the team spirit, sometimes with a competitive edge. At the end of the day we all have a little competitiveness in us.

We talk to our clients and listen to what the plans are, we consider the full requirements and develop a day or evening of activities to suit the brief. This can be as simple as an evening in a location with our team building DJs presenting an evening of fun, games, activities and challenges. Creating teams, mixing people throughout departments and in general creating a super interactive atmosphere for everyone involved. The alternative to this is to create a fun action packed day. One example, and a favourite is, Lights, Camera, Action! This is a full day where staff are divided into teams. We request them to recreate predetermined movie scenes. These will be displayed later in the evening after we edit them and we run an Oscars awards ceremony for the winners of several categories.

If you have a team building day already created and want an MC and DJ to coordinate the event then play some party music for after the event, our team bucking DJs can handle this also. Our team are flexible and can work with you on any brief.

There are several ways to create team building environments and the above are just very quick samples of what is possible and what we like. If you are looking to host a team building event, drop us a line today and we will discuss what our team building DJs can do to enhance your event.


Corporate Event DJs

Dubai Party DJs are delighted to have worked with and provided corporate event DJs to a multitude of clients from varying companies, backgrounds and sizes. We are delighted to have our five-star reputation and it is testament to our attention to detail, meticulous planning and years of experience.

Our corporate event service is here to enhance and upscale your event. Not only do we provide the most experienced corporate event DJs and multitude, we cater for any element of your event through our sister companies such as The Event Company Dubai and Our service is based in Dubai but we are happy to work in any area or region across the Gulf and travel regularly to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khamiah, Bahrain plus many other cities.

Our database of music consists of over 150,000 tracks which you can choose from with our corporate event DJs. Our service also caters for theme nights, private parties, promotions, team building activities, awards evenings, gala balls, villa parties, yacht parties, fashion shows and festivals. Our team are experienced, reliable and professional at all times. We like to work with and provide suitable corporate event DJs that are approachable with an unassuming style and refined approach to hosting your event.

We believe that corporate event DJs are one of the most crucial parts to your corporate event or company entertainment. Planning any event has a lot of moving parts and any one of them can cause you a headache. This is why we keep the booking and event process as simple and straight forward as possible. Corporate events in particular have more gears than normal events and they can also have the worst results, should things go wrong. How embarrassing is it if somebody lets you down in front of anybody, but in front of all of your clients, customers, suppliers and anyone else that may be attending your event.

We have been working the corporate entertainment and corporate events sector for a long time, almost 20 years. We understand the requirements, we know the drill inside and out at this stage. If another corporate entertainer lets you down but you have corporate events DJs that knows what they are doing then you’ll never look bad. You’re in safe hands with us. Our job is to coordinate your evening, keep the atmosphere alive and ensure that the entire operation is seamless. If someone doesn’t show, the music still doesn’t stop. The entertainment continues and your corporate event DJs from Dubai Party DJs will ensure this happens.

A sigh of relief when you work with us at Dubai Party DJs because you know you’ve a back up at all times, in the unlikely event that something should go wrong.

Our service covers a variety of event elements, some of these are listed below. If you have any extra requirements for your event, please drop us a line to enquire about anything you might need.

Some of the extras that we can include with corporate event DJs are:

  • Corporate event sound and crew
  • Corporate event lighting and crew
  • Corporate event visuals and crew
  • Corporate event special effects and crew
  • Corporate event projections and video mapping
  • Music selection and introductions for awards etc
  • Booking party bands, comedians and other corporate entertainers
  • Master of Ceremonies for awards and where there is a need for host duties
  • Voiceover for ads, corporate event productions, intros etc

  • Interactive DJs

    Dubai Party DJs are proud to have some of the best party an interactive DJs across the region. We have years of experience with brand activations for companies like Microsoft, BMW, Guinness, Smirnoff, Heineken and many others. We spent many years travelling with brands like Guinness particularly activating customer evenings, creating challenges, developing interactive mechanics and delivering in a live environment.

    Dubai Party DJs worked across a range of events that included promotions and marketing events, team building days, theme evenings with fun and games, game show hosts, fun casino evenings and many more. Our experience in the industry cannot be matched for the level of events and enthusiasm towards a great evening with gusts that are truly entertained. There are many cool, trendy events, these are nice for a relaxing evening but if you want guests to be entertained then its an interactive evening of fun and games that you require.

    Hosting everything from party games evenings to Strictly Come Dancing events, our interactive DJs have been on them all and played a vital role in ensuring the success of the event. Its important to plan in advance and guarantee a night that guests will remember, even if its as simple as a karaoke, our interactive DJs will turn it into a fun evening adding some surprises and developing an event that you’ll want to repeat.

    If you require further information or would like us to provide you with an evening with our interactive DJs plus the decor, games, theme, format or anything else you might require. Please drop us a line today. We will create the evening and work through all options from start to finish to guarantee a fun and games interactive evening.

    Club and Bar DJs

    Our club and bar DJs have 20 years experience playing music in clubs, bars, arenas and all sorts of great locations. Our music is a vast database of over 150,000 songs and we can tailor a set to suit any environment, audience, age profile or ambiance. For many years we have been booking celebrity DJs for events, special appearances in clubs and one-off evenings but ultimately every one of us started in a bar or club in some part of the world.

    Dubai Party DJs work with club and bar DJs that have performed across the globe but we’re also comfortable with our local crew that are happy and comfortable to work the local scene and work in their resident slots every week. This could be a night in well-known Irish bar McGettigans or a club night in Cavali or Mahiki. Our club and bar DJs read the crowd, work with the venue management and deliver a set that will keep the dance floor full while keeping the requests of the boss in mind.

    Dubai Party DJs supply club and bar DJs that we feel are most suited to the venue, location, requests from management and of course your customers. We visit each location before making any suggestions and create a venue profile so we can approve the most suited club and bar DJs for your venue. If it’s a new venue we sit with management and generate a detailed report on what exactly is required, what exactly is the desired atmosphere and result. We create playlists and develop the perfect set list to guarantee the best nights entertainment. We are aware that bar and club DJs need to maintain a busy bar. Therefore some important factors we include are, the music policy must be correct, the music volume must be exact and of good quality, DJ presentation has to be good and they must look the part. A friendly club and bar DJ will always go along way with customers so this is imperative when we recruit our team.

    Basically we’re here to work with you to ensure you get the best club and bar DJs available for your venue.



    Wedding DJs Dubai

    Our range of DJs and entertainers for events and parties is varied and we pride ourselves on getting the best entertainment for all events whether its a villa party, yacht party, corporate occasion or just a simple get together. Wedding DJs Dubai are no different. The entertainment for your wedding day is, by far, the most under valued and under estimated part of most wedding days. Its a big deal, it needs to be the best you can get yet we see couples time after time leaving the entertainment to the last minute. It became an after thought while dresses and invitations were taking over.

    If you’re going to invite guests to enjoy your party then you need great entertainment. Wedding DJs Dubai from Dubai Party DJs will work through your day with you. We have a variety of options and we are happy to discuss budgets and how we can deliver the best for you on your wedding day. Our package can be as simple as a 2 hour wedding DJ set right after the band.

    We also offer full service wedding entertainment packages to include:

  • Wedding ceremony music or entertainers
  • Wedding reception music or entertainers
  • Wedding band and DJ or any other wedding entertainment
  • Wedding venue decor, drapes, archways, candles, table linen etc
  • Wedding lighting to enhance the wedding venue ambiance, up-lighters around the room
  • LED dance floor in white
  • Professional sound for the full event including wedding band, wedding speeches, wedding DJ and background music

    We don’t get involved in wedding dresses, wedding cakes or wedding invitations. This is not our area of expertise so we leave those to the professionals in their dedicated fields. Our focus is always on the day entertainment and room enhancement to guarantee the best possible outcome for your wedding day.

    Who doesn’t want that for their wedding entertainment. Wedding DJs Dubai will be there for you every step of the way from first contact to when its all over and we’ll work through your set list, ensure the right music, ensure the wedding venue looks its best and supply the best in everything you require.

    Please drop us a line to enquire about your wedding entertainment in Dubai. Professional wedding DJs and entertainers. Our partner company will also be glad to assist with any queries.