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Celebrity DJs

Dubai Party DJs work with a variety of entertainers, DJs, musicians, bands and celebrity DJs. Our party DJs are the best in the region and the Celebrity DJ roster that we work with is a who’s who of the world of celebrities, brands and big names. People from the worlds of live music, fashion, radio and TV have taken to DJ-ing and live performance. They now travel the world doing what they love whether on a break from the norm or deciding that this is what they love and were born to do.

We work with internationally known personalities and celebrity DJs who have a love for music and entertainment. The excitement of entertaining an audience, creating a party and bringing happiness to so many people. This is usually the driving force behind their decision.

Celebrity DJs and personalities like Boy George, Naomi Campbell, Giancarlo Fisichella (F1), Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. This is just a small sample of some of the celebrity DJs available through Dubai Party DJs.

Band members from bands like Kaiser Chiefs, Snow Patrol and Fun Lovin’ Criminals have all become DJs and are available for a variety of club nights, private parties, corporate events and any occasion where a celebrity DJ with familiar brand are required.

Of course we don’t just work with celebrity DJs that have become DJs from another genre of entertainment. We work with celebrities that became celebrities because they are DJs also. Names like Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Fatboy Slim, David Guetta, Will I Am, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and several others. These are the real deal celebrity DJs and some of the biggest names in the business.

We are experienced in managing the bookings and logistics of international acts for corporate parties, fashion shows, festivals and public events. If you have a requirement for a celebrity DJ, please drop us a note today to enquire about celebrity DJs for your next event.


Corporate Event DJs

Dubai Party DJs are delighted to have worked with and provided corporate event DJs to a multitude of clients from varying companies, backgrounds and sizes. We are delighted to have our five-star reputation and it is testament to our attention to detail, meticulous planning and years of experience.

Our corporate event service is here to enhance and upscale your event. Not only do we provide the most experienced corporate event DJs and multitude, we cater for any element of your event through our sister companies such as The Event Company Dubai and Our service is based in Dubai but we are happy to work in any area or region across the Gulf and travel regularly to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khamiah, Bahrain plus many other cities.

Our database of music consists of over 150,000 tracks which you can choose from with our corporate event DJs. Our service also caters for theme nights, private parties, promotions, team building activities, awards evenings, gala balls, villa parties, yacht parties, fashion shows and festivals. Our team are experienced, reliable and professional at all times. We like to work with and provide suitable corporate event DJs that are approachable with an unassuming style and refined approach to hosting your event.

We believe that corporate event DJs are one of the most crucial parts to your corporate event or company entertainment. Planning any event has a lot of moving parts and any one of them can cause you a headache. This is why we keep the booking and event process as simple and straight forward as possible. Corporate events in particular have more gears than normal events and they can also have the worst results, should things go wrong. How embarrassing is it if somebody lets you down in front of anybody, but in front of all of your clients, customers, suppliers and anyone else that may be attending your event.

We have been working the corporate entertainment and corporate events sector for a long time, almost 20 years. We understand the requirements, we know the drill inside and out at this stage. If another corporate entertainer lets you down but you have corporate events DJs that knows what they are doing then you’ll never look bad. You’re in safe hands with us. Our job is to coordinate your evening, keep the atmosphere alive and ensure that the entire operation is seamless. If someone doesn’t show, the music still doesn’t stop. The entertainment continues and your corporate event DJs from Dubai Party DJs will ensure this happens.

A sigh of relief when you work with us at Dubai Party DJs because you know you’ve a back up at all times, in the unlikely event that something should go wrong.

Our service covers a variety of event elements, some of these are listed below. If you have any extra requirements for your event, please drop us a line to enquire about anything you might need.

Some of the extras that we can include with corporate event DJs are:

  • Corporate event sound and crew
  • Corporate event lighting and crew
  • Corporate event visuals and crew
  • Corporate event special effects and crew
  • Corporate event projections and video mapping
  • Music selection and introductions for awards etc
  • Booking party bands, comedians and other corporate entertainers
  • Master of Ceremonies for awards and where there is a need for host duties
  • Voiceover for ads, corporate event productions, intros etc

  • Event Compere and DJ

    Dubai Party DJs work with a variety of people, personalities, hosts and entertainers. Our corporate event DJs also come as an Event Compere and DJ package. We have been around events, fashion shows and awards for a long time and are comfortable picking up a microphone to host your evening, coordinate the entertainers, speakers or awards.

    Yes we can assist with providing you with a celebrity or personality from radio, TV, fashion, chefs or any other celebrity genre available however sometimes budget doesn’t allow for the high costs associated with these. This is where we can provide you with an Event Compere and DJ, in one. This will ensure your evening is hosted in a professional manner. They can be heard and understood, all guests are engaged. In fact, a lot of the time our Event Compere is better than the celebrities. We have more experience in a live environment and this gives us the edge. They have the TV or radio experience but believe it or not they are completely different abilities, qualities and environments.

    The great part of this package is that your Event Compere for the evening understands the event, has been engaged from the start of the organisation process. We don’t just arrive the last-minute for a quick brief. This means we understand the requirements and the timings throughout the evening. After Event Compere duties are complete, we step over to become the party DJ for the evening and ensure the atmosphere and professionalism are kept to a high standard.

    Our motto is interaction. Guests will engage with interaction and listening to some speakers, hosts or presenters can drain guests who are, in their mind, not at work now! We will sit with clients, decide on a plan and how best to approach the event. If interaction is necessary as an ice breaker or throughout at certain intervals. Engaging your audience is the key to success when it comes to an Event Compere, Presenter or Host. Keep this in mind when you are booking your next corporate entertainment and need a host, a party DJ, a band, maybe a comedian or a magician and your on a tight budget. Our Event Compere and DJ package may be the answer to your prayers!

    We are not a celebrity however we will provide you with a professional and reliable Event Compere and DJ to enhance your evening and ensure a seamless corporate event.

    Pool and Lounge DJs

    Nothing like chilling by the pool or in a trendy lounge with one of our pool and lounge DJs playing some laid-back tunes. If you’re organising an event in a pretty location with poolside entertainment, canapés and some cool entertainers then our pool and lounge DJs will fit right in. Our music is kept up to date weekly and we can cater for a laid-back set or something a little more funky. A favourite is to start the evening with a chilled vibe while guests arrive, meet and greet friends, chat and relax with a beverage. As the evening progresses the tempo gradually increases to a nice funky vibe. Our pool and lounge DJs build on these evenings, create the ideal atmosphere while playing some known, some lesser known, some new and some old classic anthems.

    Recently some of our clients have requested female DJs for these type of events. If you prefer a female pool and lounge DJ, we are more than happy to assist with your requests. We have some very popular female DJs working with us. We provide a range of DJs, female DJs, male DJs or if you have a preference in ethnicity we also have a variety of DJs from Europe, America, Africa, Middle East, Asia or Australia. These can be local DJs that are based in Dubai, the UAE or if you prefer a celebrity DJ to add a little glitz to your event then we work with DJs from across the globe that cater for every event.

    Some of our pool and lounge DJs perform for brunches on Friday afternoon. These are uplifting party DJs and again we work with male and female DJs that can entertain your guests playing uplifting beats, house music, old school anthems, party music or a selection of your favourites.

    Drop us a line today to talk about your next pool party, lounge party or just a party DJ to entertain your guests.

    Yacht Party DJs

    Everyone in Dubai loves a yacht party, Friday afternoons, evenings or anytime is good for a yacht party. Our yacht party DJs have worked on most of the party boats in Dubai from the GuGu Boat to the yachts of royalty. We are aware and have worked with the stipulations within the marina, keeping the volume low until we arrive past the marina yacht club bridge which is where the party starts.

    Dubai Party DJs have worked on yacht parties for birthday parties, corporate events, product launches, boat shows and even Formula 1 weekends. Our yacht party DJs are versatile and work with all of our clients to ensure every guest has a good time and the outcome is exactly as the client requested.

    We also receive regular requests to provide other entertainers for yacht parties which we are always glad to help with. We have provided entertainers such as magicians and mind readers to mingle with guests, caricaturists so your guests leave with a lasting memory, character actors and themed entertainment. One of the most frequent yacht entertainment packages includes our yacht party DJs to perform with a Saxophone player and Percussionist with maybe a fire breather or juggler and a trapeze artist at the entrance to serve champagne to guests as the arrive arrive while the act hangs from a giant champagne glass. This is certainly an ice breaker and a talking point for the evening.

    We have several other ideas from yacht party DJs and what they can do to other yacht party entertainers and quirky entertainment. If you have an upcoming yacht party drop us a line today to discuss the options and what will work best for your event.

    We are proud to say our guests have never left one of our yacht parties without a smile.


    Beach Party DJs

    Beach Party DJs work under stressful conditions, shorts, shades, shirts, beach, sand! Who doesn’t want to be working on a beach enjoying the glorious sunshine that the Middle East has to offer. Dubai Party DJs have worked in a huge variety of venues including lakes, pools, beaches, jungles and all sorts of wonderful places. All we need is power and off we go.

    Our beach party DJs can cater for a large audience profile playing Beach House hits, classic anthems or we can go old school party and bring the cheesy party music of the 80s and 90s right up to today. In the past we have catered for beach parties that were a really laid back vibe with cool lounge and poolside music, bean bags, beers and sliders. We transformed a private beach into a club night with super sound and lighting system plus lasers and a mix of house music anthems. The tempo gradually increased and guests were broth back to Ibiza or at a full moon party the attended in Thailand. It’s not always the cool trendy kids that want a beach party. Dubai Party DJs have also hosted beach party evenings with fun and party games like Limbo dancing and beach party challenges. This is for the more energetic but great fun.

    Our service for beach parties does not just cover the DJ and music element. We supply everything you need for a beach party. We can include decor with beach huts for bars and food outlets, sound to ensure nobody misses a beat, lighting to enhance the ambiance as the evening progresses and the sun goes down and if you need a cocktail bar person, we can even provide experienced flare cocktail crew. If you need costumes we will provide grass skirts, Leigh’s, straw hats, funky shades etc. It depends on how cool or cheesy you want to be.

    We are here to assist in making your beach party a success with the best beach party DJs, stage, sound, lighting, decor, full production and catering.

    Club and Bar DJs

    Our club and bar DJs have 20 years experience playing music in clubs, bars, arenas and all sorts of great locations. Our music is a vast database of over 150,000 songs and we can tailor a set to suit any environment, audience, age profile or ambiance. For many years we have been booking celebrity DJs for events, special appearances in clubs and one-off evenings but ultimately every one of us started in a bar or club in some part of the world.

    Dubai Party DJs work with club and bar DJs that have performed across the globe but we’re also comfortable with our local crew that are happy and comfortable to work the local scene and work in their resident slots every week. This could be a night in well-known Irish bar McGettigans or a club night in Cavali or Mahiki. Our club and bar DJs read the crowd, work with the venue management and deliver a set that will keep the dance floor full while keeping the requests of the boss in mind.

    Dubai Party DJs supply club and bar DJs that we feel are most suited to the venue, location, requests from management and of course your customers. We visit each location before making any suggestions and create a venue profile so we can approve the most suited club and bar DJs for your venue. If it’s a new venue we sit with management and generate a detailed report on what exactly is required, what exactly is the desired atmosphere and result. We create playlists and develop the perfect set list to guarantee the best nights entertainment. We are aware that bar and club DJs need to maintain a busy bar. Therefore some important factors we include are, the music policy must be correct, the music volume must be exact and of good quality, DJ presentation has to be good and they must look the part. A friendly club and bar DJ will always go along way with customers so this is imperative when we recruit our team.

    Basically we’re here to work with you to ensure you get the best club and bar DJs available for your venue.