Dubai Party DJs have been providing number 1 party DJs for a diverse range of events, parties and clients for a many years. We have had our party DJs work on some of the biggest and best corporate events, private parties, special occasions, product launches, birthday parties, beach parties and pool parties. Basically, if there is an event that needs a party then we will deliver parry DJs to suits your requirements.

For over 20 years we have been enhancing our expertise and delivering for a diverse range of events. We work closely with our party DJs and have developed relationships with personalities, musicians, producers and pretty much anybody involved in the music and party industry. Through these successful alliances we can assist with any element of your party or event.

We have been in this business a long time. It takes this time to mature your skills and expand your services to really know any business. Over this time, through working with so many clients and events, we have built a database of music consisting of over 150,000 songs. Thtrough these events and parties we also developed knowledge of what people like, what they want, what works and of course what doesn’t work in a variety of party styles. We have never had a client request a song that we didn’t have access to and we have never had an event where we didn’t try every possible party trick to ensure our clients had a great party.

This experience has also helped us to sharpen our events and our party DJs mechanism. Our booking process is simple, we discuss all aspects of the event with our clients and enure no stone is left untured therefore there are no surprises on the occasion.

We work with or without playlists. Our party DJs will meet you in advance, discuss your requirements, decide on the ideal play list and ensure it happens on the evening of the event. We are comfortable working on our own initiative after so many years of playing music for the public. We know our audiences and know the music that works for every occasion.

Our party DJs are renowned for reading the crowd, knowing what to play and when to play it, yet working with our clients requirements in mind at all times. We provide a full party DJ service that includes playlists, sound equipment, lighting equipment, event decor and dressing. Our clients include large companies, private individuals, fashion designers, big brands and other agencies.

Dubai Party DJs also work closely with a variety of other entertainers that can assist on your event should you require a musician, band, dancer, juggler, fire breather, trapeze artist or other unique entertainer.