Nothing like chilling by the pool or in a trendy lounge with one of our pool and lounge DJs playing some laid-back tunes. If you’re organising an event in a pretty location with poolside entertainment, canapés and some cool entertainers then our pool and lounge DJs will fit right in. Our music is kept up to date weekly and we can cater for a laid-back set or something a little more funky. A favourite is to start the evening with a chilled vibe while guests arrive, meet and greet friends, chat and relax with a beverage. As the evening progresses the tempo gradually increases to a nice funky vibe. Our pool and lounge DJs build on these evenings, create the ideal atmosphere while playing some known, some lesser known, some new and some old classic anthems.

Recently some of our clients have requested female DJs for these type of events. If you prefer a female pool and lounge DJ, we are more than happy to assist with your requests. We have some very popular female DJs working with us. We provide a range of DJs, female DJs, male DJs or if you have a preference in ethnicity we also have a variety of DJs from Europe, America, Africa, Middle East, Asia or Australia. These can be local DJs that are based in Dubai, the UAE or if you prefer a celebrity DJ to add a little glitz to your event then we work with DJs from across the globe that cater for every event.

Some of our pool and lounge DJs perform for brunches on Friday afternoon. These are uplifting party DJs and again we work with male and female DJs that can entertain your guests playing uplifting beats, house music, old school anthems, party music or a selection of your favourites.

Drop us a line today to talk about your next pool party, lounge party or just a party DJ to entertain your guests.